Fatmir Mura

Fatmir Mura was born in Vlora (Albania) January 4th, 1976.

During his childhood he discovered a passion for the music and studied accordion until the age of 14.

In ’94 he moved to Athens in Greece, where he studied theater, pantomime, Latin American Ballroom dance and the art of magics and illusions.

The promising results and  the passion of the performing arts led him to go to Italy in 2001  to pursue his studies and being able to express the wide range of emotions and human feelings. From here, the magic of soap bubbles and the art of drawing with sand will become for him a new way to originality.

In 2009 he won the first Talent Show in Albania with great success, presenting for the first time in Albanian Television, the ” Pantomime “.

In 2011 he presents ” Save The World “, one man show, an innovative and unique, an expression of art with the basic elements of nature (Air, Water and Earth) using soap bubbles and sand drawings, designed and built to reflect, to love and respect the nature.

He is an absolute entertainer able to convey emotions through the body language.

The Sand Art is one of the most interesting new art form of the last decade. A new trend that has rapidly spread all over the world.

Fatmir  creates with his hands extraordinary and unique drawigns that can engage people of all ages, transporting the audience into a magical atmosphere of great visual and emotional impact. It knows no language barriers, an amazing sight, memorable and successful. The sand drawings are accompanied by beautiful music and synchronized with the artist’s hands that seems to be like a sort of dance.

Now he’s a 360 degrees artist who has several television appearances and also he is working with several major international companies, able to express all over the world emotions and feelings through his art.